your truth is a laughable lie (your_memory) wrote,
your truth is a laughable lie

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tbs can always sum up what's going through my head

I'll wait 'til you listen I won't say a word
'Follow your instincts'
This is captain to command
You have to understand
That's just never worked for me
Silent but strong
Yeah...that's right.
I'm playing that card
And you're noticing nothing again
We're talking forever
And you almost feel better
But better...
That's no excuse for tonight
You see,
It's never bad enough to just leave or give up
But it's never good enough to feel right.
So I'm lyin on the table with everything you said
Keeping in mind the way it felt
When the most I could do
Was to just blame myself
Feel it out for once
And feel nothing like everyone else
"It will all catch up eventually"
It caught up and honestly
The weight of my decisions were impossible to hold
But they were never yours
They were never yours
They were never yours....
Drop everything
Just drop it
Start it all over
You'll remember more than you'd like to forget
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