your truth is a laughable lie (your_memory) wrote,
your truth is a laughable lie

this isn't directed to only one person, it is directed to society as a whole thanks

have i ever mentioned how much i hate when people try so hard to be someone that they aren't? you aren't goth if you are one of the friendliest, peppiest people i've ever met, sorry. stop trying to be unique it is not getting you anywhere, i am just going to end up hating you even more than i do now. and you are not punk if you listen to good charlotte, sorry. i'm not trying to do the whole "UR A POSA" thing because come on i listen to simple plan so obviously i am not the authority on what's punk and what isn't. but at least i know that and admit it. all i'm saying is, would everyone please stop trying so hard to be people they aren't. thank you and good night
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